My mantra for this year—”Work is love made visible”

I was messing around online, reading a few of my favorite websites on my Feedly 1 feeds, when I stumbled upon this beautiful comic via one of the coolest sites out there, ZenPencils. It’s a bit of a longer read, based off of a poem by Khalil Gibran, but well worth it:

Khalil Gibran's "Work is Love Made Visible", via ZenPencils

I’m on the tail end of a “vacation” 2, so my mind is really turning back towards what’s happening at home and, soon, starting school back up. When I saw this comic, I absolutely loved the point Gibran was making, and how even though being a teacher can be grueling, occasionally thankless work, it is absolutely my love letter to my students. I would love to have this image up in my office, staring down at me for those days when I just want to quit.


  1. RIP Google Reader.
  2. Visiting two sets of grandparents on the other side of the country has been a lot more fun than I expected, but I can’t help but think of all the work I have piling up on my desk at home in the last week of “real” summer before two weeks of pre-school teacher meetings. Yuck.
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