Time to shine

My name is Chris Webb, and I’m a nerd.

(Hi, Chris.)

You can learn a bit more about me at another time and place, but what you should know, right now, is that I’m a 4th-year English teacher from Kansas, currently loving his job in Taipei, Taiwan. My school, Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy, is in its second year as a 1:1 iPad school—the first in Taiwan, and the first of the 7,800 Seventh-day Adventist schools in the world—and I fancy myself one of the most technologically-adventurous teachers here. I challenge myself to use new apps, websites, and technologies every day, and I love to share my findings and learn from others as they find new ways to be better teachers.

So what’s this blog about? I’ve done so much writing for high school, college, and now my Master’s stuff that I know that this is the part of the post where I say “My goal is…” or “The purpose of this is…“, and I hate that. It’s so formulaic, predictable, and assignment-y. I don’t want to make that statement, but I feel like I have to express what the point is: not only to you, the audience, but to myself.

A few months ago, I was talking to a fellow teacher, showing them some cool tech trick I used in my classroom. The teacher kind of turned his head towards me funny and asked,” How do you know this stuff? And what do you do with it?” How do I know it? I learn it from a variety of places—blogs I read, Tweeps I follow, experiments I personally perform—but as far as what I do with it… I realized that actually, I didn’t really do anything with it. And that’s stupid, because while I don’t think everything I do is worthy of being written about, some stuff is, and if a trick can help someone else be a better teacher, why shouldn’t I share?

I guess, then, that’s why this is happening. I’ve learned so much from my fellow educators online, and I hope, with this blog, I can give back a bit.

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