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Visual responses to The Reason I Jump

the-reason-i-jumpo-vtrThis quarter in English II, we’re focusing on studying within the Autism spectrum. We’ve had a guest speaker come in (Mrs. Lisa), we’ve done an activity or two, and we will end up watching some documentaries and movies to try and get into the mind of an autistic person. However, what I’m looking forward to the most is seeing how my students react to a few wonderful pieces of writing that give us some wonderful insight into what these very special people think and feel.

Recently, after I caught Jon Stewart’s fantastic interview with author David Mitchell:

I assigned my students to read one of the hottest books in the world, Naoki Higashida’s “The Reason I Jump”. I think that in the short amount of time I gave them to read it, they seemed to connect with this sweet, 13-year-old 1 boy, struggling and overcoming a variety of challenges. My goal was then to see what my students could do with what they learned from Naoki.

Here’s how I’m going to ask them to prove it:

I have such a “crush” on this sketch notetaking stuff, probably since I started catching wind of the great TED-like videos created by RSA Animate. Therefore, I’m going to ask them to do their own sketch notetaking on “The Reason I Jump”, showing and telling at least 10 things that they learned from reading this wonderful book. I hope to update this post later with some screenshots of what my own students have done!


  1. At the time, of course.
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