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Welcome to the game: Churning Credit Cards


“This is just my life now.”

After returning from Cuba, Lisa and I got thinking about where our next adventure was going to be to. Of course, we want to do a better job of building wealth, but it sucks to forfeit travel opportunities to do that. If only there were a way to keep on traveling, yet not spend any money… 

I’m not really sure when or how it happened, but I know that I came into contact with an amazing website resource, ThePointsGuy, who led me to embark on a massive self-study project that took hours and days and weeks of learning. By the time I was done, though, I think I had completely figured out my new obsession—credit card churning. The goal is to earn as many credit card points as possible and put those towards traveling to awesome places around the world. I learned a ton about how to master this game, and I want to share those lessons to both help anyone reading this and review myself on how the whole process works.

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