Shakespeare in 140 characters

Every year that I’ve been at TAPA, I’ve spent the Fall & early Spring semesters teaching my British Literature Senior students about the awesomeness of William Shakespeare. We spend time reading a few plays, watching a few plays, and studying how they connect to the lives of both Shakespeare and us, his modern audience. Earlier this school year, a bolt of lighting struck me and made it clear that the best way for my students to really get Shakespeare would be for them to actually put on/perform a play. When I came to that realization, I decided to have my students put on a play for their peers.

For the last few weeks, my British Lit classes have been working on reading the original text for “Twelfth Night” and my Lazy Bee abridged copy a dozen times. Along with that, I’ve been having my students study the play through completing worksheets, presenting summaries of scenes, and, most recently, tweeting the entire play to the entire world. Here is a selection of the amazing tweets done by them.

The Play

Act I, Scene 1 (#a1s1)

Act I, Scene 2 (#a1s2)

Act I, Scene 3 (#a1s3)

Act I, Scene 4 (#a1s4)

Act I, Scene 5 (#a1s5)

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