Nice to meet you, EDTECH 537

Well howdy, classmates.

Uhhh.… hi.

My name is Chris Webb, and I’m a high school English and Social Studies teacher working in beautiful Northern California. I just ended my 6th year of teaching, but first at my new school, which was quite a whirlwind experience. Now that it’s finally summer, I’m excited about the prospect of resting up, doing some independent learning, some major planning for next school year, lots of reading in a hammock, and now, picking back up on my EdTech masters! This is my 6th class in that process, but the first I’ve taken in almost 2 years, so I’m a bit rusty at online classes, and more-than-rusty at blogging 1. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet all of you and learn alongside you for the next couple of weeks!

When I’m not in the classroom, I like to spend my time traveling, cooking on my new gas grill, and hanging out with this little guy:


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So that’s the TL;DR 2 version of who I am. Like I said, I’m looking forward to working with you all soon and learning how to become a better blogger. Let the games begin!

…till the break of dawn.


  1. I’ve actually done quite a bit of blogging in the past, and actually have a lot of experience in student blogging as well—holler if you want to talk about it!—but consistency has been less-than-decent. I’m excited about utilizing this class as a kickstarter for writing on a more consistent basis!
  2. “Too long; didn’t read”., my current favorite internet slang.
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6 thoughts on “Nice to meet you, EDTECH 537

  1. Jeff Hall says:

    Nicely done. I love the gifs. Looking forward to reading more of your work, Chris…

  2. Jeff Hall says:

    Nice work Chris! Love the gifs. Looking forward to sharing 537 with you…

  3. Jeff Hall says:

    Love the pictures, Chris! The blog looks awesome. Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Welcome to EDTECH537 Chris!!!

  5. catrinatutor says:

    It’s nice to meet you. I’m born and raised in the Sebastopol/Santa Rosa area of Northern California, but moved to boise 5 years ago. Looking forward to learning with you.

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