MET Portfolio—Courses

Here’s what I took and when.

EDTECH 501 – Introduction to Educational Technology

Professor: Barbara Schroeder, Ed.D.
Term: Fall 2011
Description: “Overview of the field of educational technology emphasizing current issues, leadership in technology use planning, and evaluation/synthesis of research.”

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EDTECH 502 – The Internet for Educators

Professor: Stacey DeLoose, M.E.T.
Term: Spring 2012
Description: “Locate, retrieve, and evaluate information found on the Internet. Design and produce instructional Web pages using a combination of software and HTML/XHTML/CSS code. Apply appropriate instructional strategies and models to the design of digital curriculum.”

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EDTECH 503 – Instructional Design

Professor: Yu-Hui Ching, Ph.D.
Term: Fall 2012
Description: “Focuses on systematic design of instruction and alternative models. Project required.”

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EDTECH 504 – Theoretical Foundations of Educational Technology

Professor: Diane Hall, Ed.D.
Term: Spring 2013
Description: Overview of classic and contemporary theories of learning and their applications in educational technology and emerging orientations; implications for practice.

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EDTECH 505 – Evaluation for Educational Technologists

Professor: John Thompson, Ph.D.
Term: Summer 2017
Description: “Procedures for evaluating educational programs, training systems, and emergent-technology applications.”

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EDTECH 506 – Graphic Design for Learning

Professor: Tae Jeon, Ph.D.
Term: Fall 2013
Description: “Select, arrange, and design visual representations (e.g., text, graphics, tables) based on theories, models, and principles of visual literacy and graphic design.”

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EDTECH 537 – Blogging in the Classroom

Professor: Michael Barbour, Ph.D.
Term: Summer 2015
Description: “Focuses on the use of blogs in education, including creating and maintaining blogs, using RSS readers and microblogging. Examines the nature and purpose of blogging, types of blog entries, blog promotion, disclosure guidelines, and building a blogging community.”

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EDTECH 551 – Technical and Grant Writing

Professor: Cathy Morton, Ed.D.
Term: Fall 2015
Description: “Project-based instruction entailing various kinds of technical writing, all focusing on a completed grant proposal. Includes evaluating writing for print versus electronic display. Additional focus on writing proficiencies, as needed.”

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EDTECH 552 – Introduction to Network Administration

Professor: Andy Hung, Ed.D.
Term: Fall 2017
Description: “Introduction to technical competencies for school technology coordinators, addressing network administration, topography, and devices. Preparation for the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician) or CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certificate.”

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EDTECH 554 – Managing Technology Integration in Schools

Professor: Candace McGregor, Ph.D.
Term: Spring 2017
Description: “Explores strategies for planning and implementing technology integration on an organizational level and examines larger scale professional development models. Develops skills for taking a leadership role in district technology use planning, implementation and assessment.”

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EDTECH 592 – Portfolio

Professor: n/a
Term: Spring 2018
Description: “A broad-based selection of significant student work that is used to appraise student performance and professional development. A portfolio reflects the depth and breadth of a student’s educational growth since entering the graduate program. Portfolios may include, but are not limited to, classroom examinations, journals, writing samples, publishable scholarship, professional projects, annotated bibliographies, and artistic endeavors.”

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