MET Portfolio—Introduction

In the Fall of 2011, as I was just beginning my 3rd year of teaching, I was looking for a new challenge. My first year of teaching, in addition to just being my first year of teaching, was my first year teaching in Taipei, Taiwan at The Primacy Collegiate Academy 1. My second year as a teacher was my school’s first year as an iPad-only school, and of course there were lots of transitions and adjustments that had to be made in that situation. However, I believe I handled those experiences relatively well, and I was looking for another something to push myself a bit more.

In researching way to grow as a professional, I came into contact with the Masters in Educational Technology (MET) program at Boise State University, and I was excited about what I saw. The classes listed in the course manuals lined up with my goals. The fact that it was an online program meant that I’d be able to study in Taiwan alongside others in the US and the rest of the world. The price was right in line with what I was able to pay at that time in my life. After discussing it with my wife, my ex-college advisors, and my principal, I decided to pull the trigger on this new adventure.

Now, a little over 6 years later, I’ve come to the end of a great learning experience. After 10 courses with subject matter ranging from educational philosophy to network administration to blogging to grant writing, it’s now my pleasure to present a portfolio of what I’ve learned during my studies. In this portfolio, I have provided artifacts that demonstrate my mastery of the AECT standards. I have also provided a written rationale, a written reflection, and a video series on the lessons I have learned throughout this program. I hope that this portfolio gives a fair and accurate view of my experience in Boise State’s MET program.


  1. Formerly Taipei Adventist Preparatory Academy.