5 links that done made me think

What's in my head?From time to time, with all my Twitter scouring, I come across a great link or two five that tickle my mind and make me question my perspectives, teaching, pedagogy, knowledge, or just life in general. Here are a few from the last week that have got my brain spinning.

  • Edspiration Podcast 014: Unlock Innovation in an Hour
    As a fan of Don Wettrick for a while now, whenever or wherever he shows up, I’m going to check out. He recently 1 joined the folks at Edspiration to do a podcast where he talked about 20% time, one of the coolest projects a teacher can do. I did my own a few years ago with students to MASSIVE success, and I’m hoping to make that happen again this year.
  • Wired: The White House is giving free internet to thousands
    A long time ago 2, an article like this would have bugged me, as it would have thrown off a lot of the ideas and philosophies I was raised with. Now, as a teacher who gets to see what people less fortunate than I have been blessed with being raised live like themselves, this hits me anew. In what other ways have I benefited that my own students don’t? And what can I do to help give them every opportunity to succeed?
  • CACE: Three Steps for Recruiting Talent
    I’m not a principal, but I’m someone who has been hired, and someone who expects to one day hire someone himself. What does a successful strong recruiting look like? And as one who wants to be hired to a place like this, what do I have to do to fit in with a culture like this?
  • NEA: “Teacher-Led Schools: They’re Here And More Are On the Way”
    Maybe the hottest link I saw on Twitter today had to do with what a teacher-led school looks like. I’m trying to imagine what a job would look like with minimal direction from an administrator or principal, and what it would look like if I was in a cohort that functioned as such. Really cool.
  • VOX: New Horizons’ photos from the Pluto flyby are finally here — and they’re amazing
    Not education-y, but stupidly cool. Almost 100 years after we first saw it 3 as a blurry little speck, we’re just now seeing the texture and color of Pluto. I don’t know why, but stuff like this is just enthralling to me. Last year, we stopped our World History class for one whole period 4 to study the spacecraft that NASA landed on the asteroid. This strikes me just as cool.


  1. To my knowledge, that is
  2. Ok, more like not-so-long time ago
  3. Hat tip to my boy, fellow Kansan Clyde Tombaugh for that—You discovered a planet, bro. Maybe it’s not one now, but it sure as heck was then!
  4. #thingsIshouldntadmint
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4 thoughts on “5 links that done made me think

  1. John says:

    I really like the title of your article here, Chris. I, too, really liked Don’s interview on Edspiration listed above. And I also liked checking into the other links too. Useful stuff!

  2. judyblakeney says:

    OK…it took me a while, but I found this. I also love Don Wettrick. I didn’t have time to listen to the podcast. Will need to get back to this. I liked the eclectic nature of your list. That was fun.


  3. There are two articles on this list that really made me think. First,the article on recruiting talent made me think of the importance of planning ahead in terms of human resources. Second, the article on Teacher-lead schools was powerful. I really like the comment about setting boundaries and expectations during meetings. We call these protocols in our department and since we implemented this strategy, we have been able to tackle some pretty big problems as a team.

  4. Chris, the New Horizon thing has gotten me thinking a lot lately as well. Been thinking about the Apollo missions, the shuttle exploration, the fact that we survey the last planet (well not a planet) in our solar system on the anniversary of surveying the first. What we have accomplished on this front, and how much more could be possible if we had the political will.

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